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We believe in partnering with you, in order to alleviate your suffering. We know that the process of understanding your condition and the treatment options available, can be confusing and overwhelming. We promise to help guide you throught he process with patience and compassion. We believe that we are the premier center in Israel for minimally invasive, image-guided procedures. We take pride in providing state-of-the-art care, with a focus on our patients’ comfort, that is unparalleled. We believe in participating in research and clinical trials, in order to further advance the field of interventional radiology, and appreciate our responsibility to train the next generation of interventional radiology physicians. Our patients’ concerns are our concerns, and we take pride not only in providing excellent outcomes to our patients, but in seeing a smile on their faces. We believe that medicine is a complex discipline, and that our patients are best served by a team approach, involving input from appropriate specialists. For example, when faced with complex vascular malformation patients, we hold multidisclinary meetings involving multiple experts in different fields of medicine, in order to best serve our patients. We similarly consult with our colleagues in gynecology when performing women’s-health-related procedures. We believe that you are our full partners in improving and maintaining your health, and value your opinion. It is our job is to provide you with information in order to help make informed decisions, and to help guide you through those decisions.

Adam Farkas, MD

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