Drainage Procedures

Sometimes a patient may have a blockage of their kidneys or the bile ducts in their liver due to stones, tumors, scar tissue, or other causes.

We at Vascular Anomalies Clinic of Jerusalem (Israel) perform image guided drainage procedures which allow for minimally-invasive and safe access in the kidney or liver, and provide the ability to place a small drainage catheter without the need for open surgery.

The procedure is typically performed with local anesthetic as well as sedation (partial anesthesia that makes patients feel relaxed and calm).

Our effective and least invasive techniques give excellent results with minimal recovery times.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality of individualized treatment and compassion. We make every effort to ensure comfort and to control pain. Our patients receive frequent follow up phone calls after discharge to answer questions and provide guidance when needed.

Nephrostomy Tube
(drainage tube in the kidney)

Biliary Drainage Catheter or ‘PTC’
(drainage catheter in the bile ducts)

More Information

We would be happy to discuss drainage procedures at our Vascular Anomalies Clinic in Jerusalem (Israel) and take all the time you need, to answer your questions/concerns. The procedure is covered by some of the kuppot and insurance companies. We typically appeal to the kuppot/insurance companies on an individual basis, and will make every effort to assist in obtaining a hitchayvut for the procedure.